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Breed: carpathian X terrier mix
DOB: april 2019
Gender: female
Cat friendly: yes
Temperament: affectionate and sociable
Size: medium

Mariana and her sister were living on the streets for some time. A lady in the area called Elena to let her know that Mariana’s sister had died, although at the time no one had any idea that they had been poisoned. Elena took Mariana to the vet immediately where blood tests revealed that she had indeed ingested poison and was close to death. Mariana was hospitalised and put on an IV drip in an attempt to flush out the toxicity from her body, as well as keeping her hydrated and fed. It was touch and go for a few days, but our girl turned the corner and started to make a recovery. We were ecstatic when Mariana was allowed to go home to Elena – she has continued to flourish and is now eating and drinking well. She is extremely friendly, gets on well with the household cats and will make some family out there very happy indeed if they offer her a forever home.

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