Romanian Mountain
Shepherd Dogs

We often have rescue Romanian Mountain Shepherd dogs and mountain crossbreeds looking for forever homes. Predominantly, we seem to acquire more Carpathian/Carpathian X than any of the other three, although of course, we do come across them too. We thought a little piece about each breed might interest you. You can also understand why, at times, we will only rehome these breeds to experienced doggy homes.

romanian female carpathian mountain dog rescue

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd

The most common of all Romanian mountain breeds, and often available for adoption after being rescued by RACE.

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Romanian Raven (Corb) Shepherd

Romanian Raven shepherds are also known as Romanian Corb Shepherd and own their name through their beautiful coats.

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Romanian Mioritic Shepherd

The Mioritic is a beautiful sheepdog and a typical livestock guarding dog within Romania.

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Romanian Bucovina Shepherd

Bucovina Shepherd dogs are a more rare breed of dog, and not widely known outside of Romania.

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