Romanian Mioritic
Shepherd Dogs

We often have rescue Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dogs and mountain crossbreeds looking for forever homes. We have included some information for you to familiarise yourself with this beautiful breed.

romanian mioritic shepherd mountain dog rescue


Country of origin: Romania
Size: Large (pure breeds)
Average life span: 12-14 years
Exercise level: High
Temperament: Loyal, Independent, Confident Guardian

For centuries, the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd dog has been used to guard livestock in Romania. The breed is loyal and fiercely protective, being devoted and friendly their family but very cautious of strangers. A large dog with a long coat, regular grooming is required and with any dog of such size, requires daily exercise.

Despite being independent, lively and stubborn, Mioritic Shepherds are very sensitive creatures. As puppies, they remain with the pack that has accepted them; this could be other dogs, cats, horse, sheep etc. The Mioritic needs very close family relationships and its favourite place will always be close to their favourite person's side.

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