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Browse our adoption success stories to view just some of the amazing lives that our rescues now have thanks to their adopters! We love to see your updates so please do share them with us.

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Misha adopted by: Lesley Manning"Hand on heart I can honestly say that from start to finish the adoptive process through RACE was straight forward and
Lulu, Bobby and Meeko adopted by: Andrea Rigiani on: 06/2018, 28/10/2018, 17/02/2019"I lost my Sam in 2017 and the house was just so empty, so
Lara adopted by: Shannon Brown in: October 2019"I adopted Lara back in October 2018 when she was six months old. Initially Lara was shy and
Scout adopted by: Heather Lauren in: June 2018"We adopted Scout in June 2018, and he came to us in August. It's taken some adjusting, for
Ivory adopted by: Steven Henry"Ivory lived outside her whole life so she is sometimes hesitant to go through door ways. When she's on the lead
Dolly adopted by: Deborah Pitts in: October 2018"Dolly joined us back on 13 October 2018 and settled well into our family life. She is such