Lulu, Bobby and Meeko
adopted by: Andrea Rigiani
on: 06/2018, 28/10/2018, 17/02/2019

"I lost my Sam in 2017 and the house was just so empty, so I began looking for another. In January 2018 I rescued my girl - she had been walking the Romanian streets, cold and alone. 5 months later I saw Bobby on the RACE facebook page, a 2 year old, and knew that I had to have him. The two dogs got on really well and now can not be apart from each other!

I thought that was it: 2 dogs, 5 cats and 2 fish, "no more!"... Until I saw Lulu. She was on RACE's page but couldn't be homed yet, so for 3 months I followed her until she was ready for adoption. A few weeks later she was with me, playing with dogs and cats - something that she had never done before!! It has been hard work to get her to live in a busy home with a family & pack to trust, but she is certainly getting there. As I love dogs so much, I registered as a RACE emergency foster after saying to Sue that I would love to help. Then in February 2019, I got my first foster dog, and well, you guessed it - he stayed with me.

RACE do a great job, so please if you love dogs, please go to RACE and find your best friend x"

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