Romanian Carpathian
Shepherd Dogs

We often have rescue Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dogs and mountain crossbreeds looking for forever homes. We have included some information for you to familiarise yourself with this beautiful breed.

romanian female carpathian mountain dog rescue


Country of origin: Romania
Size: Large (pure breeds)
Average life span: 12-14 years
Exercise level: High
Temperament: Gentle, Intelligent, Loyal, Confident, Calm, Even-tempered

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd dogs are a working dog native to the Carpathian Mountains, existing for hundreds of years. This mountain breed is large and wolf-like, retaining almost all of its original features. As a pack, they are popular throughout the mountains as fantastic herders and diligent watch dogs; praised for their bravery in tackling predators such as bears, wolves and lynx. They create an unconditional attachment to their herd and herdsman, making them a loyal companion and an increasingly popular family pet.

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