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Breed: Mixed Breed
DOB: 26 March 2020
Gender: female
Cat Friendly: Yes
Temperament: Affectionate and loving
Size: Medium

Sofia and her siblings, Otto and Pru, came into our care on 8 June, when Elena was visited by local Romany gypsies that morning who presented her with three small puppies aged around 2 months old. Sofia had the most appalling facial and eye injuries which had been left untreated, resulting in a severe infection across her eyes and front of her skull. The men came up with a totally unbelievable story about how it had happened and we are well aware we will never get the real truth. Our primary concern was to get poor Sofia straight to the specialist veterinary hospital at St Gheorge where she underwent extensive treatment. Thankfully, Sofia is making good progress each day. Sadly, she is totally blind in her right eye and has limited sight with the left eye, which is the side her injuries were on. She will need that extra special home who could accommodate her and give this baby the best life possible.

Other than being full of worms and infested with fleas, all three have fared well since being treated for the parasites. Sofia is a dear, friendly, affectionate and gentle little soul who would love to have a family of her very own once she’s old enough. Please note that the pups are unable to travel to new homes until they are a minimum of four months old, but we are starting the process now to find their perfect, forever families.

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