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Breed: Carpathian Cross
DOB: 26 March 2020
Gender: Male
Cat Friendly: Yes
Temperament: Sociable
Size: Medium to Large

Sonny and his six siblings came into our care on 18 May 2020, when they were just a few weeks old. They came from a large sheepfold on the edge of the village where Elena lives. There are dogs everywhere, unkempt, unneutered and underfed. Babies are constantly born in their dozens… Elena has managed to save many of them and find them homes, as has another rescuer in the area who has a private shelter. This rescue has already managed to get a number of the dogs there neutered; they are now undertaking to do the rest... which of course will prevent more pups being born just to suffer.

Elena was told by the wife of the sheepfold owner that they had left five tiny pups to starve to death as they had too many pups being born. We can't print here what Elena's response was, but we're sure you can guess.

All of the pups are doing so well and getting stronger by the day. They are unable to travel to new homes until they are a minimum of four months old, but we are starting the process now to find their perfect, forever families.

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