Romanian Raven (Corb)
Shepherd Dogs

We sometimes have rescue Romanian Raven (Corb) Shepherd Dogs and mountain crossbreeds looking for forever homes. We have included some information for you to familiarise yourself with this beautiful breed.

romanian raven corb shepherd mountain dog rescue

Raven (Corb)

Country of origin: Romania
Size: Large (pure breeds)
Average life span: 10-12 years
Exercise level: High
Temperament: Loyal, Playful, Confident Watchdog

The Raven (Corb) Shepherd is a large mountain dog, bred in the meridional carpathian mountains in Romanian. The Raven Shepherd received its name to reflect it's dark, inky coat; 80% of its fur is black, with the exception of a white rhombus on the chest. Many of these dogs have a reddish hue, due to the summer sun.

It is a happy and playful companion, submissive to its owner and family with great courage towards potential predators. Intelligent and calm, but also powerful and quick, this Romanian Mountain dog is a great watch dog for houses and herds, with a deep bark that can be heard from long distances.

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